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Cari Uang Lewat Ekiosku.com – Find Money Through ekiosku.com 21 Juli 2013

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Cari Uang Lewat Ekiosku.com – Find Money Through ekiosku.com-Anyone know an easy way to make money on the internet? Of course the way to earn money through ekiosku.com. By joining our ekiosku.com easier to make money on the internet.

On June 27, 2011, ekiosku.com a legal entity. ekiosku.com has a vision intends to provide a secure online market in Indonesia, but it ekiosku have a motto that says “buying and selling safe, comfortable, and fun”. So, join ekiosku.com is one way to make money easily on the internet.

In ekiosku.com EkiLink there. EkiLink is an affiliate system ekiosku.com product promotion through various online media (website / blog / social networking) that belong to the agent EkiLink incorporated in the network EkiLink affiliated extremists. EkiLink there with the goal to expand the reach of the promotion and increase sales. Utilizing promotional products through affiliate EkiLink will in the mark-up price its product base and mark-up value is the value of the agents commission for their online media EkiLink who successfully refer the buyer to buy a product to sell.
Promotion advantage through EkiLink

  1. Networks become more widespread promotion of the product.
  2. There is no fee / commission / fee charged to the seller whatsoever.
  3. The selling price per product only in Rev 3% (minimum Rp. 100, – s / d maximum of Rp. 50.000, -) and the price difference is the commission paid by the buyer ONLY if the product is sold (commission applies rounding it up).
  4. Promotional way through EkiLink
  5. To promote via affiliate networks EkiLink, the seller must have a stall at ekiosku.com.
  6. Then to the Kiosk menu and sub menu on the left click EkiLink Products.
  7. Register your product you want to promote appropriate options provided.

Terms & Conditions
a. For Sellers who participate in EkiLink, receive and consciously knowing that the base price products
filled out by the seller will be in the mark-up as the Commission by ekiosku.com by 3% (Minimal. Rp. 100, – and
Maximum Rp. 50,000) per product and apply rounding it up so that the price shown on the product page
is the price that has been on the mark-up.
* Description: The mark-up is taken from the Base Price per product, not the wholesale price or variant
b. Seller EkiLink program with the aim of promoting products through affiliate networks EkiLink
to disseminate link products to be promoted through the website / blog / online media where the third party
Agents (promoters) will receive a commission from the price mark-up of the product.
Promotion costs charged to the buyer and the agent gets a commission when the product was sold.
c. The value for the fee in the mark-up is not binding and subject to change at the discretion of management and ekiosku.com
This policy is absolute.
EkiLink agent is through the promotion of affiliate partners EkiLink network which is an affiliate promotion system ekiosku.com with online media owners who want to join to earn extra income. Through EkiLink, anyone can be an agent that can help promote the product link ekiosku.com products in its online media page (website / blog / social media) and Agent EkiLink will be given a commission when the website / blog / online media it successfully refer buyers to buy a product promoted until the transaction is completed.

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