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Software ERP Indonesia Negriku 17 Januari 2013

Posted by yurosie in Software.
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download Software ERP Indonesia Of all the technological development of today’s information systems, the information systems are designed to support the entire functional unit of the company is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. ERP is an integrated system, so the system is able to provide to the organization ERP users an integrated transaction processing model with activity in other business units within the organization. By implementing standardized business processes and enterprise single database (single database) which includes all activities and locations within the company, ERP is able to provide integration between the activity and location. As a result, ERP systems can lead to decision-making ability is better with quantitatively measurable parameters. So that the resulting decisions can support each company or organization’s operational processes.

Another definition of ERP is a software package (software) that can meet the needs of an enterprise to integrate the entire activity, from the point of view of business processes within a company or organization. ERP application system is one of the most sophisticated information systems that can be obtained at the beginning of the 21st century. To adopt ERP technologies, a company is not uncommon to have to provide funds from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. The fund is to be provided for investment in ERP software packages, such as server and desktop hardware, database and operating system software, high performance network, to consulting fees for implementation. Although hindered by the huge investment costs, many companies in the world, and not least in Indonesia as vying to adopt information systems. This is because the ERP software package implemented properly will produce a “return” to a worthy investment, and in quick time.

ERP is an information system intended for both manufacturing and service companies that serve to integrate and automate the business processes related to aspects of the operation, production and distribution of the company concerned. ERP system is a de facto terminology are applications that can support transactions or daily operations associated with an enterprise resource management, such as funding, people, machinery, parts, time, material and capacity. ERP system is divided into several sub-systems, namely the financial system, distribution systems, manufacturing systems, systems maintenance and human resource systems.



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