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software toko program kasir terbaik 16 November 2012

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software toko program kasir terbaik

Manage with Ease Using Your Store
Simple and Useful Software
Guarantee and warranty support is always growing retail trend following Already proven in hundreds of thousands of clients throughout Indonesia through our software test phase prior to shipping Simple and easy to use
HargaDetail Detail Features
Keutungan Choosing Software Stores
Easy to use, up to date, many of the benefits for your business

easy to Use

software toko program kasir terbaik

With its simple and attractive visuals make it easier for operators to use and does its job well and fun.
Inventory system

With inventory system makes us more organized inventory so as to facilitate control of dialed, received, and see the rest of the stocks.
Marketing Systems

Software Store provides all marketing system that can be used as marketing tools to promote business. From the System Discount, mamber, Pack, Gift exchange, etc..
always Update

With the passage of time and the ever-changing business needs grow. Everything becomes our guide to always update the facilities according to market needs

By using a system of Software Stores can streamline the time available for the control of goods, and financial transaction there.
system Analysis

With the system facilitates analysis we provide the owner or manager of a policy that can make changes in order to promote the business.

software toko program kasir terbaik



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